Having a dessert right after your lunch is sometimes an obligation, as snacking has become a severe activity. Kicking sugar cravings from your daily site is indeed challenging, even if you are a strong-willed person. Haven’t you ever thought about what happens if you stop eating sugar? 

Don't worry anymore! There is good news for you. Adding a little sweetness to your daily food is okay, but make sure that you emphasize just "little.” 

The advisory intake of sugar for women by the American Heart Association is not more than six spoons for a day. Experts recommend that it is also okay if you get natural sugar substitutes from vegetables and fruits as these come with loaded minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and fiber for you. 

Understanding Sugar!!!

The majority of people consider sugar the most dangerous component present in your food. Remember that sugar is a carbohydrate present in lots of food, including veggies and fruits that we eat and in processed foods, and it comes in different forms.

 A few among them are naturally present in nutritious food, and those can’t be avoided and have a positive effect on your well-being. On the other hand, the stories with added sugars are different. 

Added sugars are extracted from the plants and further processed to eliminate the impurities. These refined carbohydrates are present in the other eatables for sweetness. 

However, during the extraction of sugar from these foods, the essential nutrients may strip off and finally end up in a carbohydrate-rich compound that is absorbed into your body very quickly.

Refined sugar comes from sugar cane or sugar beets, which are processed to extract the sugar

Certainly added sugars, just like maple syrup and honey, will be naturally found in the food. Of course, you could mix up the processed and extracted food by mother nature. 

Consuming too much-processed sugar will elevate the risks of cardiovascular issues, obesity, and diabetes. Some studies have proved that crossing the daily sugar intake limit may lead to a minimum of 30 percent of heart disorders. 

Some researches have proved that sugar is addictive, and there might be even withdrawal signs like mood swings and depression among people who are too addicted and try to exclude it entirely from their diet plans. 

It is always good if you can treat yourself in moderation. 

Have you ever thought about how your body would react when you suddenly cut it from your diet? 

Well, sugar is one element that makes you feel happy emotionally, regardless of the side effects it leads to when consumed in excess. On the other hand, understanding the term sugar is highly important as there is a vast difference between refined and natural sugar, which are found in unsweetened milk, fruits, and honey. 

Refined sugar, also called sucrose, is highly processed and is a product of sugar beets and sugar cane, and hence they would be rich in calories and won’t be having any real value. 

In addition, they won’t have any natural nutritional value, while the natural ones will be loaded with minerals and vitamins. Of course, it is your choice to go for the tasty baked foods or the fizzy drinks or pick the healthy box. 

Is Sugar Addictive?

Most diet watchers wonder why sugar is so addictive and how sugar makes you fat. Not many people have experienced an addiction to vegetables like broccoli, so there is a reason. 

sugar intake releases dopamine in brain

The primary reason lies in the hormones released in the brain while we get a sugary product. It is a known fact that every sugary bite will trigger dopamine production from the brain to the body. This points to the addictive behavior of added sugar, which is present in many food items like illegal drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. 

Now let’s see how does eating sugar makes you fat? 

When you repeat the same food pattern more often - like having a sweet or ice cream right after your meals - the body will automatically get adjusted to produce less dopamine over time. So the only way you get that happy feeling is by increasing the release of dopamine, which eventually triggers you to eat more sugary items. 

The same behavior is noted among people who are dependent on alcohol. Still, the thing is that sugar is more accessible and socially acceptable, and hence it is harder for you to avoid or cut it entirely from your everyday life.

As per the studies conducted by the American Heart Association, it is claimed that 8 out of 10 adults try to cut sugar intake.

Factors Which Boosts Sugar Cravings

In short, if your nutritional intake is poor or your diet lacks healthy protein and fat contents in it, there would undoubtedly be craving for sugar. Remember, removing sugar from your diet is not an easy task.

If you feel like having something sugar one hour or two hours after your meal, then it's purely a sign that you need to scoop more healthy fats or protein into your plate. 

Some people think that magnesium or iron deficiency may lead to an increased sugar craving, though not enough studies support the same. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes has been linked with magnesium deficiencies and other disorders. 

If you are a person who is on medication, then check with your doctor on how to control your sugar cravings, and they can guide you in the best way to regulate the intake of sugar by bringing variations in your plates or by adding supplements. 

Is Sugar Problematic? 

The majority of the people who wish to lose their extra pounds might think about eliminating sugar from their diet. The sweetness of sugar, ranging from candy to breakfast cereals, will dance on your tongue, tempting you to crave more for the same. 

Many studies proved that sugar is addictive, and those people who are so may even experience many kinds of withdrawal signs when they try to come out of it. This is even dangerous for those who have diabetes since they won't be able to regularize their cravings, thus ending up in increased blood sugar levels. 

Apart from affecting your blood sugar levels, over intake of processed sugar might also kickstart start prediabetic conditions or even develop dental cavities, elevated blood pressure, and many more. 

What Happens to Your Body When you Stop Eating Sugar?

It is indeed hard to stop ordering a fizz drink along with your burger or keep yourself from grazing on the ice creams at parties. If you are someone like that and have a regular habit of having something sweet right after your meals, experts say it would be a tough time for you during the transition period. 

Even there are high chances of experiencing gastrointestinal distress. Your mood will drastically vary while you are addicted to sugar and when you cut it out from your food plans. 

You may often feel fretful when you don’t get the usual scoop of your sugar, especially during the initial days. You can even feel headache, depression, or even fatigue, as these are the signs that your glucose levels begin to lower. However, this transition will become easier as you cross a week or two, and your energy levels will also start to boost up, thus being less irritable.   

The Benefits of Eliminating Sugar from Diet 

Excluding sugar from your diet will boost the overall sleep quality in the long run. Even though this change won't be reflected right from the first day in your body, it will gradually prove that you will have quality sleep during night hours without waking up in between. 

Those foods loaded with refined sugar will lower SWS (slow-wave sleep) and REM (rapid eye movement). Hence, less sugar intake will help improve your sleep quality during night hours. 

Whether we admit it or not, the majority of us are addicted to sugar, and hence cutting it out from our plates is a bit of a challenging job. But once this is done, it is highly appreciable. 

How to stop sugar cravings

Sugar Detox: How to Stop or Control Your Sugar Cravings?

Below listed are some of the essential factors which you should consider while you are in a transition period of cutting down sugar:

Observe the Changes in Your Body

Sugar craving or simply craving is defined as an intense longing that does not point to your need to eat sugar or have some sugar replacement. Take some time for yourself and observe the changes in your body. 

  • Do you have mood swings or elevated stress levels?
  • Are you starving? Feeling bored, or do you have a headache?
  • Do you think that you can’t stop eating sweets?
  • Do you require an energy booster or something sweet?
  • Buy some time for yourself and think about what your body needs?

Sip water, take a deep breath, or try going out for a short walk. If you are still starving, you can reach out for a healthy snack option. 

The best bet can be eating some snack that would be protein-packed or something with a healthy fat. Prepping for a week will help you be prescient, thus preventing yourself from staying away from sugar-packed food items. 

Note Down the Patterns 

Try to notice the patterns in which cravings hit you without fail. This is the best time to fill yourself with protein snacks, and this helps to power up all through the day. 

This snack will not just help you give a feeling of filling; for the time being, it also helps you for a good evening and lowers the cravings around sleep time.  

Opt For a Filling Meal

If you are starving, try to choose a meal that is both filling and healthy, rather than snacking on something high in calories like cookies or other junk foods. You can have foods like boiled eggs, natural peanut butter, or even an apple with little cheese. 

Ensure that you don’t starve from good nutritional-rich food throughout the day. While eating, try to balance your plate with all the essential macronutrients, and in this way, all your cravings will undoubtedly go away.  

Meals Should be Balanced

Ensure that you pack all the plates, including your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with veggies, fiber, protein, and healthy fats and carbohydrates. This, in turn, helps you give a full feeling for a more extended period, thus stabilizing your blood sugar levels. 

Choosing a meal that has good fats and high protein content will make you feel satiated for a long time, thus helping you stay away from all the unwanted cravings. 

balanced meal plan

Image credit: Precision nutrition

Don’t Confuse Boredom With Hunger

Don't ever confuse signs like boredom, stress, hunger, tiredness, and anxiety. Many people consume sugar for different reasons, and hence it is not just hunger that drives you to such decisions. 

If you feel tired, try to rest and regain your health. If you are exhausted, try and find activities that you can do with your hands other than eating some sugar-packed items such as reading a book, knitting, or even a bike ride.

On the other hand, if you have anxiety issues, try yoga, meditation, or something similar to calm down your mind other than depending on candy bars loaded with sugar. 

Increase Your Water Intake

The best substitute for your sugar cravings is to cut down the added sugar products from your drinks and replace them entirely with plain water. Try adding sliced lemon or even using seltzer water if you prefer plain water.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Note down what you wanted to eat so that you would be satisfied, thus not being deprived by the end of it. It will help you to keep everything delicate and straightforward. Try to pick and organize your plates to have two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners. 

Splitting up the meals and having them in the proper interval in small quantities will help you stay consistent. 

Spice up Your Food

Most of us might eat a rut while in a diet plan with the same type of plates all day to maintain weight during a weight loss journey. However, as the experts say, variety can spice up your mood, which will help you in the transition period. 

Many unique flavors are obtained easily from spices that do not contain added sugar compounds, like cinnamon and red pepper. 

Try Different Recipes

Exploring different recipes and eating those veggies or fruits you haven't tried yet is one of the best ways to stay on track while controlling your sugar cravings. You can even try different combinations of ingredients and create a new taste to your dishes, adding variety. In this way, you will eat other words every day, thus getting excited about every meal. 

Stay Away from those who Derails your Struggles

The majority of the people around you support all your measures to switch to a healthy lifestyle, and there are a few that will demotivate you and push you to have some junk one way or the other. 

You can experience the same while attending a birthday function or any other celebration. Sometimes, your spouse will become a sugar pusher when enjoying a meal. Try to keep yourself away from all the sugar pushers and stay motivated. 

Don’t Be Tempted To Buy Sugary Snacks

Remember that you can’t eat something you didn’t buy from the shop, and hence while doing the grocery shopping, keep your hands away from grabbing those sugary products. Stock up yourself with healthier options like lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and nutritious dairy products. 

If you still have a strong desire to eat sweets, choose seasonal delights such as berries, watermelon, and cherries with a rich flavor. Apart from adding sweetness to your taste buds, these may also include vital fiber, minerals, and vitamins required for maintaining a healthy diet. 

Go Cold Blood

If you are a person who is highly addicted to sugar and sincerely wishes to come out of it ultimately, then it will take around twenty-one days for you to get on a soundtrack.

 Experts claim that sticking to a new habit for twenty-one days will undoubtedly help you stay with it regardless of the external temptations. This period is more than enough for breaking the dopamine cycle of sugar cravings. 

Stay Active and Busy

Being active all the time will help you while you are restricting certain food items and, this, in turn, will help you in strengthening your willpower. 

Engage yourself in activities that will make you think creatively. This can be anything like reading your favorite book, playing with friends, spending quality time with your beloved ones, or just going out for a ride. 

Practice Mindful Eating

Practicing mindful eating is good if you are on a diet plan. This will help you know what you are providing to your body. If you are a person who struggles with food constantly, then practicing mindful eating will always help you to stay on track.

How to Calculate the Right Amount of Sugar for Your Body?

If sugar is not the right choice for you, it won't be okay even to enjoy it in smaller amounts. Remember that sugar is not an essential nutrient in your diet plate, except for those having issues related to hypoglycemia. 

It is suggested that an average male can take around nine teaspoons, and females can take six teaspoons of added sugar on the whole in a day. Anything more than that is considered extra, which adds to your weight. This is the quantity of sugar present in a can of soda of 12-ounce. 

However, those sugars naturally present in the fruits or dairy products you consume do not count. The focus should be on the added sugar in the fizz drinks, candy, ice creams, cookies, and other sugar-packed processed foods. 

Do you crave sweets- Foods that will help you to keep your cravings in control

Do you crave sweets? 

Then try having these combinations for filling your sweet cravings: 

  • Cook apples and add a pinch of cinnamon to them for added flavor
  • Have an apple with nut butter
  • Roasted cherry with creamed ricotta
  • Fresh berries
  • A handful of nuts or seeds
  • Some herbal tea of your choice
  • Vegetable salads
  • Try avoiding sugary drinks and substitute them with sugar-free options
  • Choose nutrient-dense foods
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Cucumber chips or guacamole
  • Dark chocolate
  • Trail mix
  • Whole grains
  • Yogurt

These are some of the healthiest and safest options to satisfy your sugar cravings intelligently.

Listed below are a few factors that help you to stay away from sugar cravings:

  • Find out a healthy and filling food replacement habit
  • Plan a balanced diet and maintain it
  • Choose healthier options for managing your stress and anxiety levels
  • Maintain a good sleep routine
  • Make sure that your nutrient intake is sufficient, else check with a doctor


Putting a complete stop to your sugar cravings and switching to a healthy eating habit is hard. While shopping at the stores, ice creams may scream at you from the freezer, or sugary products will whisper at you to pick them and add them to your shopping cart. 

Motivate yourself and stay away from this. The best part is that, with intelligent sugar approaches, you can definitely lower your temptation towards sugar and get back in shape. 

As an extra step, ask your family, spouse, or coworkers to actively support you to stay on track. If they all still lure you into eating those sugary items, keep in mind that it is for you and stay strong and stick to your diet plans. 

Try to pick snacks which are packed with healthy fat and protein. These kinds of fillings will give you a satisfying feeling. Sticking to these tips and tricks will help you lose weight and help improve your overall health. 

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