I will calculate your macros and will create a hand portion guide which you can easily follow!



Are you unable to stick to your diet plan? Or perhaps you don’t have time to eat healthily?

In typical diet programs, you follow a diet that makes you measure the quantity of food, read the labels.

It ignores other factors that help you to feel fuller and thus helping you to eat less.   

Even if you follow and get a good result, you have not changed your lifestyle. After achieving the goal, there is a chance that you will return to your normal eating habits. 

Here at workoutable, we believe in changing your lifestyle habits to achieve your fitness goals, whether it is fat loss or muscle building.

Here we follow a different approach.

Its by changing your lifestyle habits

So it will be easy for you to sustain even after achieving your goals. 

We will create a diet report with your daily macronutrient needs, and with the food portions, you need in each meal per day.

Here we use hand portions to measure the daily needs.

hand portion ebook pages

About Arun Kumar T

Arun is the founder of @workoutable. He is a certified trainer and has a PN level 1 nutrition certification.  He is helping people to transform busy people to lose fat in a healthy way. 

The benefits of the hand portion system are

hand portion guide smartphone mockup
  • It makes it easy for you to track your daily intake.
  • No needs to buy any scales or read every food label. 

Along with the hand portion report, you will also get access to Habit Plus ebook and Habit plus tracker

Habit Plus will help you to 

  • Change your unhealthy food habits
  • Choose quality foods
  • Use the habit plus tracker
  • Adjust your portions, based on your weekly results

Habit Plus Tracker contain

  • Daily portion tracker
  • Habit tracker to track the habits mentioned in habit plus ebook
  • Monthly habit tracker

What Are You Waiting For? download your  Hand Portion Guide!