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One rep max is the peak of intensity in any workout. It’s the max weight with which you can just do one rep. 

In real life situation, you are not required to do the one-rep max. As its high intensity, if you overdo it can cause injury, your CNS will get fatigued. 

You can safely try one rep max in 6-12 weeks. 

You can use your one-rep max figure to access your strength improvement. For that, it’s not necessary to try 1 rep max in every workout. 

Exercise scientist had figured formula to find out one rep max using the weight lifted and the number of reps to failure. 

There are different formula for finding your one-rep max. 

Some people even use the average result they got from different formula. 

The formula for one rep max

Epley formula for finding 1RM

epley formulae for finding one rep max

Brzycki formula for finding 1RM

brycki formulae for finding one rep max

Let’s calculate your one-rep max using our 1 rep max calculator

You can use our one rep max calculator to find your 1RM using the weight lifted and rep range of 2-20. 

These figures are estimates based on the formulae, and it can have a slight change from person to person. 

One more thing, if you want to get a more accurate 1RM you have to try a weight with which you can only lift 3-6 rep max. As the reps go up, as the accuracy comes down. 

Each exercise has its own one rep max, so don’t use deadlift one rep max for squat and vice versa.

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One rep max percentage chart

In addition to one rep max, in order to make it easy for you to calculate, we have provided 50% to 95% of one-rep max values. 

This comes handy if you follow any workout programs. As the program creator will not know about the weight lifted, but based on your fitness level they will suggest you lift weight based on the % of rep max.   

For example, a muscle hypertrophy program requires you to do 6 reps for 80% of rep max in the chest press. So if you know your rep max you can calculate the weight easily. You can even use for measuring your progress each week. 

Using one rep max calculator

Use a weight with which you can do 4-8 rep max (failure after 6) then enter the weight and reps in our max rep calculator. You will know your 1RM and 50 -95% of 1RM also. 

Push it to the limit: How to Test Your Gains with a One-Rep Max (1RM)

one rep max test

If you want to find 1RM by pushing or pulling the weight. You can lift and found your 1RM. Make sure that you have recovered from your previous workout session. 

But be careful and always try it with a good spotter, in case you fail. 

If you use the help of a spotter, repeat the set with reduced weight. Don’t forget to take rest, which helps your muscles and CNS enough time to recover.

How Often Should I Test My One-Rep Max (1RM)?

Don’t try to find out rep max every time you hit the gym. It’s safe to try 1RM once every 6-12 weeks. 

Here is a sample 1RM Test for front squat

  1. Empty bar: 2×4-6 reps
  2. 60 KG – 6 reps (warmup)
  3. 80 KG – 4 reps
  4. 100 KG  – 3 reps
  5. 120 KG – 2 reps
  6. 130 KG – 2 reps 
  7. 140KG – 1 rep (approximate 6-rep max)
  8. 150 KG – 1 rep
  9. 160 KG – 1 rep
  10. 165 KG – 1 rep
  11. 170 KG – 1 rep
  12. 175 KG – max effort
how to find your one rep max 1RM

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